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The School of Tourism and Hospitality Management Sant Ignasi, of Ramon Llull University is integrated into the Xavier Foundation, a foundation established by the Society of Jesus and is represented on its board by ESADE, IQS and URL. 
The Xavier Foundation, chaired by Francesc Xavier Mena, is an institution created to develop HTSI project whose main objective is to contribute to the scientific, social and humanistic training of professionally competent people aware of their responsibility to contribute to developing a humanized tourism and hospitality in a context of intercultural dialogue. 
The School of Tourism and Hospitality Management - Sant Ignasi's mission is to promote teaching, research and dissemination of knowledge in the fields of hospitality management and tourism business management.  It is a young faculty, open to the active participation of university students, through the culture of dialogue and accountability, in the spirit of excellence and concern for social transformation, in a framework of intercultural coexistence that enables personal and professional growth of students.
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